Life Coach Carol Becker

Carol E. Becker, CCHt

Dementia Therapy Specialist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master TimeLine® Practitioner, Trauma Therapist.

Dementia Therapy

The term dementia is a general umbrella term under which are more than a hundred different types of neurocognitive disorders. Alzheimer’s is the most commonly diagnosed.

The progression of  any dementia depends greatly on the underlying cause.  

Everyone experiences the stages of dementia differently.

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Goals of Therapy

Used with permission from Dr Daniel Nightingale, PhD; RN; ADHP; ECCH; FNSHP
CEO Dementia Therapy Specialists US & Dementia Doctor UK

Dementiatherapyspecialists.com Dementiadoctor.co.uk

Please call me at 480-800-7777 with any questions for a free 30 minute consultation.

Average cost per session: varies between $150 - $250
Accepted Payments:  Cash, Check, Health Savings Account, Credit Card, PayPal
Out of Network (Some insurance plans cover alternative healing modalities.)

Private in-home or in-facility sessions: one time or in packages of 3 sessions.
Custom sessions for in-facility groups are available for independent or dependent care clients.
Sessions last 30 – 90 minutes depending on client’s stage and caregiver needs.