Life Coach Carol Becker

Carol E. Becker, CCHt

Dementia Therapy Specialist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master TimeLine® Practitioner, Trauma Therapist.

Living Well With Dementia
Improving The Quality of Life

I help:

  • Create dementia friendly environments.

  • Reduce anxiety, fear and anger associated with dementia.

  • Care partners manage the patient's unique challenges.

  • Navigate the system of helping a loved one with dementia.

Dementia is a journey of many paths, with unpredictable obstacles, confusing losses, ups and downs of anxiety, fear, and overwhelm.

I provide supportive, respectful, and effective processes designed for those living with dementia and for their caregivers.

Out of my own experience with loss of mental and physical ability after coming out of a coma, I understand and can help.

Let me help you with your loved ones in dementia care


Are you are a person with early stage dementia wanting ways to deal with your experience, and learn more about what lies ahead?

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The journey in dementia is a journey of many losses.

Loss of many skills.
Loss of much knowledge.
Loss of precious memories.
Loss of ability to plan.
Loss of familiar connections.
Loss of emotional and physical intimacy.

That happens for your family members too. 
Loved ones grieve for their losses in that journey. 
It isn’t just one big grief as when someone dies. 
This is a grief which goes on and on and on.


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