Life Coach Carol Becker

Carol E. Becker, CCHt

Dementia Therapy Specialist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master TimeLine® Practitioner, Trauma Therapist.

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Living Well With Dementia - Improving The Quality of Life

The baby-boom generation is aging and many of us know someone with dementia, or are ourselves concerned with our cognitive state.

As a speaker, I like to raise the question, “what if it isn’t dementia”.

But what if it IS! I speak to that as well “dementia is a bitch”.

Often what you hear is go home and make plans to die!



What if it isn’t Dementia – Normal aging or?

(Some of the most compelling ways to identifyis this normal aging or is this dementia?)


Dementia is a Bitch! – Confusion, Fear, and Anger

(Yes it is – learn to control what you can, and how to manage what you can’t)


A dementia Journey with Purpose, Humor, and Hope

(Reducing risk, developing skills, creating cognitive reserve)




"Helped me understand that my past does not have to define my future."
(JB, Gilbert, AZ)


"Helped me get clarity on issues and problems I was dealing with."
(RV,  Chandler, AZ)

“Coming to peace with myself."
(TT, Gilbert AZ)