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Dementia Patient Looks Bland and Doesn't Care

Date Posted: 09/13/22
Author: Carol Becker

If your person with dementia looks looks bland, like he doesn't care anymore. It is because it is physically impossible! Learn more about this aspect of  Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD). The article I'm sharing today explained why some of my dementia support group members have complained, "He doesn't care about anything any more!"

A study at the University of Sydney Australia has found what may be a very important lead to diagnosing FTD Frontotemporal Dementia....the inability to feel pleasure called  anhedonia! The atrophy of the pleasure sensing centers in our brain  - in the frontal lobe and the temporal lobes. 

It was the appearance of aphasia (lack of facial expression) in some people with dementia that led to this deeper search.

"Sydney-led research has uncovered profound anhedonia as a key feature in early-onset dementia, with grey-matter deterioration in the so-called pleasure system of the brain, suggesting a possible treatment target."

Source: https://www.sydney.edu.au/news-opinion/news/2021/04/13/profound-loss-of-pleasure-related-to-early-onset-dementia.html

Source: https://academic.oup.com/brain/article/144/5/1551/6214168?login=false
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