Life Coach Carol Becker

Carol E. Becker, CCHt

Dementia Therapy Specialist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master TimeLine® Practitioner, Trauma Therapist.

Dementia Risk: Midlife Cognitive and Physical Activities

Date Posted: 08/20/22
Author: Carol Becker

A 44-year longitudinal populations study of women and risk of dementia in later-life dementia concluded:

“We found that higher levels of cognitive and physical activity in midlife were independently associated with reduced risk of dementia and dementia subtypes in late life. Cognitive activity primarily reduced incidence of AD, while physical activity reduced the incidence of mixed dementia and dementia with CVD. The results indicate that activities in midlife might play a role in the prevention of late-life dementia.”

Source: https://n.neurology.org/content/92/12/e1322. Published Online before print February 20, 2019 Jenna Najar, Svante Östling, Pia Gudmundsson, et al.
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